Kai's first written sentence

If you need a little translation, it reads, "I like a toy. I want to buy it for my birthday." Let me guess. Here come the marketing pitches from all the toy manufacturers.


Snow day!

It's been a mild winter, but we had a snow day today. Complete with a snowman.


A lawyer in the making?

Kai has been working loopholes lately. At bedtime tonight...

Matt: "This is the last story before light a out."
Kai (halfway through the book): "Dad, I want a different story."
Matt: "OK, pick which one. It will be the last one."
Kai (after finishing the story): "Dad, read it again."
Matt (after turning lights out): "No, that was the last story."
Kai: "Dad, tell me a 'quiet' story."
Matt: "I'm too tired--you tell me one."
Kai (giving up): "I'm too tired too. Good night. I love you."


Kai's first movie

Kai went to his first movie over the weekend. An Omnimax movie about the Hubble Space Telescope. Upon entering the theater, he proclaimed, "this is cool!"

For the duration of the movie, he complained it was too loud and too scary.

After the movie, during the parade out of the theater, he provided his verdict: "that was a GOOD movie!"